Loki – G.I.M.P. (Government Issue Music Protest)

I remember hearing Loki a couple of years back when I was first digging into the Scottish Hip Hop scene. I liked him the and I like him now, so it’s good to see that his upcoming album already seems to be getting a lot of much deserved love. There’s been solid praise from those stopped clock (still right twice a day despite being generally useless) pricks at Vice as well as the likes of NME. Good times and hopefully a sign of a long overdue expansion of the Scottish scene south of Hadrian’s Wall.

Only had a quick listen to the album so far but it’s enough to keep me listening and past form suggests good things. Personal honesty and proud (and realistic) Socialist politics too so far, without straying into beard stroking ‘conscious’ Hip Hop or smug pontification – always good to see.


Hieroglyphics – Heebie Jeebies

I must have been off daydreaming about space dogs or something but apparently I missed a whole new Hieroglyphics album last year. I’m catching up now though and not only was there an album but there are two new tracks coming out featuring the entire crew, which The Kitchen apparently didn’t. And the first of the two, Heebie Jeebies, only just appeared today.

True to the name there’s an air of ‘evil clown with a knife’ menace to the production and as someone who couldn’t give a toss about Halloween this has provided a fitting bit of token seasonal spirit. No mention that I can find of these two being part of a bigger project but who knows? After Deltron II though the promise of more Del is all I ask.


Gone Archivin’

Over the years I’ve run a fair few sites, mostly about free and Creative Commons licensed music but I’ve never been too fussy about straying from the theme. At various points a fair bit of work has gone into finding and reviewing good, independently released music from some very talented people. And while my focus these days is pretty much exclusively on my own work I thought it would be a good idea to keep those archives up here for posterity, especially as quite a lot of the music covered disappeared with far less attention than it deserved.

As a lot of this stuff has been transfered across more than one site there’s every chance that links will be broken, information outdated and images lost. One day I’ll try to fix all of that but today certainly isn’t that day. If you’re an artist or happen to know any updated info though don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll fix what I can. And the same goes for new releases from people or labels I’ve previously covered, I may not review any more but I’m always happy to share good new stuff where I can.

You can explore the backlog under the Archive tab on the main menu.

The Creative UnCommons - Logo design by Allan King
The Creative UnCommons – Logo design by Allan King

Compilation from the later defunct Net Label Coalition
Compilation from the later defunct Net Label Coalition – Click image for download

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Ballad of a German Shepherd


“You like Pop music? Jack Daniels? Pedigree Chum? I have in my room, come, we party…”

Helga glanced nervously towards her Pimp, a surly blonde haired brute by the name of Helmud. He’d been a shepherd, in better times, better times when they’d run through fields feeling like one being, embracing flocks of sheep in a chaotic dance that she’d hoped would never end. But then the wall came down and his heart had broken. He’d said they’d go to Crufts, he said there’d be rosettes, milk bones, glory – but they’d never made it beyond Paris and that first flourish of wealth.

‘Just enough for a ticket Helga, to London, you shall be best in show again! He only wants to stroke you…’

But there was no stroking, no belly rubs, just a leather collar and a dark room. Even now, as the Saudi Prince flipped a biscuit towards her derisively she could dream. A dream of small fences to be jumped over, poles to be avoided, the howl and growl of competition. But it was hollow now, a paradise polluted by lies. Helmud nodded and the Prince tugged at her lead.

Close your eyes, Helga, close your eyes and think of Bavaria…

Milky Bar Way

Coming soon, to a brain near you

One of these days novel – POW – straight to the moon!

Just a brief update today to distract me from a brief distraction from work on my next novel (Codename: The Russian Dwarf Hamster Almanac (subject to change)). The brief distraction from the novel is either a long short story or a short novella, depending on your point of view, which I hope to have done within the next couple of weeks.

Initially it was for a magazine submission but things have a habit of spiralling out of control. And now it’s kind of gone beyond the length of most magazines, let alone their gap for short stories. It’ll either be released part by part on this site for free (!) or as a proper ebook for a low low price (99p?) depending on what it comes out as in the end.

Not much by way of details I can share at the moment but if you check back soon I’ll see if I can throw up a short sample. Gotta keep my air of mystery after all right? What I will say though is ‘Sci Fi’ – although that means nothing really does it? Such is the joy of writin’.

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